Install Linux from Windows

There are many ways to install Linux. Now there's new one! Install Linux from Windows. This is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to start installing Linux. Most of the current distributions can start with a simple download of about 171kb (for Debian).

You simply download, run, reboot, and choose the installer at the first boot menu, and carry on. This replaces the typical need to use any other boot medium. Don't rush through too quickly, at least not until after you understand the changes that can happen while using this software. The warranty and license are provided for each installer. Please review them with care.

There are multiple installers, and each varies slightly. For now, you can see the Debian Installer Loader on Windows Vista. Other NTLDR based Windows Operating Systems are supported, as well as early 32bit editions if they support DOS Real Mode, such as Windows 95 and 98. However, Windows Me has no DOS Real Mode support, and is unsupported. More details will be provided in the next website update.

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